Thursday, January 10, 2013

Can I legally force ex to be more involved?

Q: My ex and I have been seperated for almost two years now. We are not divorce, however he resides with his new girlfriend and their two children. We where married for 10 years before he moved out and lived in a state we came to for his schooling. Now I am here alone with no family support. I work full time and our two children live with me. He gets the kids every other weekend however offers no additional support anytime throughout the week. He does not want to give me sole custody. Can I legally force him to pickup up the kids from school sometimes during the week? Also his girlfriend is of different religion and now he is trying to teach our kids that, is there anyway i can prevent that? He does not practice his girlfriend's religion. 

David’s answer: I agree your move should be to file a petition for child support as well as for custody. If he refuses to pick-up the children from school & you need to incur an expense for either an after-school program or a babysitter, then child care expenses are generally a mandatory add-on to the bsic level of support.  -- David Bliven, Bronx Co. Child Support lawyer (

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