Monday, December 17, 2012

What do i need to do to see my son on a regular bases go to file for visitation rights for my son?

Q: about seven years ago i allowed my son to go and live with his father who lived with his mother his father got married and moved out of his mothers house my son alternated between the two houses but then the fathers marriage went south and my son went back to his grandmas house and since then i have had a problem with her when it comes to seeing my son she makes excuses why he cant visit me and his sisters and even when i sat down with her in person to do a calendar with her for every other weekend she still changes it whenever she wants i never signed any of my rights over to the father and he and i went to court before and i had custody

A: David's Answer: In this situation, you must file a petition at the least to enforce your visitation rights. You may also wish to think seriously about petitioning for custody. You should not let the situation persist any longer, however, or else the Judge will wonder why you waiting so long before coming to Court.  -- David Bliven

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