Saturday, December 1, 2012

My childs father is hiding income

Hello, My child is 16 years old his father sends me 300 dollars a month for our childs needs. 300 dollars is not enough, i have expressed these concerns but he refuses to send anymore. He does not have any legal custody, I have custody but not from the courts. He sees his father for 30 minutes every 2 months because his father claims he is "Busy". I want to take his father to court so i can receive more money for my son but here is the issue, his father runs several illegal betting rings and any legit business he owns is in someone elses name so are the fronts for the betting rings. If i was able to bring authorites to the rings would i be able to revieve the child support my son deserves. I know locations of most of the rings and the fronts. His father lives in nyc while i live in upstate

David’s answer: You may ultimately need to do one of several things: consider hirign a private investigator, do extensive document discovery demands and/or authorize the attorney to conduct a deposition.  -- David Bliven

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