Monday, December 17, 2012

Custodial Parent Intereference NYS. Need Help Please!

Q: My ex and I are supposed to equally share our daughter's upcoming holiday break. He is not allowing her to sleep over and is refusing to allow me to pick him up at my schedueld time (according to the c&v papers) because he would like to take her to a holiday party which is schedueld to start when our daughter is with me. Is there anyway to file an emergency clarification or visitation? My ex continues to tell me that our daugther can decide what she wants to go on my weekend. 

David’s answer: Yes, you can file an "order to show cause" with the Family Court. Be sure to bring in a copy of the order. Also be prepared to document (via copies of e-mails, texts or letters) your attempts to rectify the matter without resort to court intervention. -- David Bliven

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