Saturday, December 8, 2012

I have a daughter who is 20 years old. She's now pregnant. She's also in college. We live in NY. Do I still pay child support?

Q: My daughter lives with her mother. My child's mother and i went to court together years ago to make child support payment arrangements. The mother chose to have continued payments to her out of court due to child support services not paying her for 5 years although payment was being taken out of my salary on a weekly basis. Child support services paid her the arrears. My daughter is now 20 and has become pregnant. Do I still need to pay the weekly child support her mother and I agreed upon my paying?

A: David's Answer: You must continue to pay until the order is vacated. Merely because your daughter is pregnant doesn't mean you can vacate the order, however. Whether you can or not depends on whether the child is emancipated, meaning she's self-supporting, or has moved out of her mother's house & is being supported by the father of her child, etc.  --  David Bliven

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