Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Can a divorce attorney be as low as 800.00 dollars?

Q: if so can someone please provide me with a phone number i could reach them.: i need to file for divorse as soon as possible at low rate. Thank you

David’s answer: I would be wary of an attorney charging that low, even for an uncontested divorce. While some lawyers have sliding scales (as do I), the reality is that Westchester Co. is not only an expensive county to live in, but also an expensive county to practice law in. If an attorney charges that low, odds are s/he is either a relatively new attorney, or is a mill (meaning they process hundreds of uncontesteds per year and are thus arguably more prone to mistakes). You should thus go into such a situation with a fair degree of skepticism & be sure to ask the attorney questions: (a) who does the work on the case, (b) what is the attorney's current caseload [anything more than about 70 cases is probably too much] & (c) is the $800 a flat-fee - and if so, what happens if & when additional work is necessitated?  -- David Bliven

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