Wednesday, December 19, 2012

I use to have an order of protection in 2010 against my son's father and I didn't renew it

Q: he would pick our Child up whenever he had off of work he selling cars from dealer he never has time always clams he will pick his child up then calls claiming all this story's last nite I went over to drop his son off he called cops then talked to me telling me to wait for him cops came asking if I had called him fighting saying I would mess up his car that's not true he has not been in my life for a few years our child is getting older dont feel the need to have him in our life's nothing happen with the cops no report or anything but can he get visit ?

David’s answer: Whether the father can get visitation or not will depend largely not only on what the prior order(s) said, but also what the child's wishes are, as well as whether the father is willing to abide by restricted visitation at first. If the father does file a petition, however, I highly suggest that you file a counter-petition seeking an increase of child support.  -- David Bliven (

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