Friday, December 21, 2012

I had been caught with Marijuana by the security officer in school grounds, what will happen to me?

Q: Last week Thursday I went through the metal detectors and they asked for my wallet since it was made of metal. I forgot inside I had a bag of weed(it was a small bag and the amount of cannabis inside was just a bit of dust since it was crushed). They had me write out where I got it from and told me I will have to go to court and I will get suspended. I'm fifteen years old and my record is clean, I'm afraid of court and what will happen in there. Could I possibly be transferred to a school for bad kids or go to jail? Will I need to speak in court in front of people? I'm a nervous person and cry easily. 

David’s answer: If you're 15, there is a good chance the case will be sent to Family Court, in which case you & your parents should contact a lawyer in the Bronx who handles juvenile delinquency cases. A word of caution - at least some "criminal defense" attorneys rarley step foot in Family Court and therefore would be less equipped to adequately defend you. In terms of your question, if this is a first offense & you're doing well in school, it would be unlikely you'd go to jail or detention.  -- David Bliven (

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