Saturday, March 29, 2014

How do I locate a Foreign Judgment form to register my court order Visitation from NYS into. Texas

Q:  I have been trying for three months to reigister my court order as a Foreign Judgment. I have spoken to several attorneys in Texas as to where I can obtain the necessary form. I was advised to contact the Family Court Clerk, as they should have the forms. I called them, and was advised to check out the Texas Law Website. I did. No forms. I called the Texas Law Library. They couldn't select the necessary form I would need to come to the courthouse. I live in New York. They told me to check with the New York Law Library. They didn't have any Texas forms. At this time I can not afford to hire an attorney. The attorney's want a high retainer. I would be willing to pay by the hour.

A:  David's Answer:  You should re-post your query in the Texas forum as only a TX lawyer would be able to tell you what form they require.   -- David Bliven, Westchester Family Law attorney (

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