police did not call me again, I did not went for sample. my wife says did not go for medical or dna sample test. she will not want to see me in trouble, it will not be good for the kids. she just want to get a divorce. today, my wife just told me she got an order of protection for her only, not for this kids, she want me to remain in home and look after kids. the police is now ready to serve my paper. not received yet.
it just prove I am a great dad for kids, what would the cop think about the sex case?
appearantly, would any mom likely choose to leave the house and leave the kids for dad to take care. Does it prove the "rape" thing is not credible? This is just an easy reason for her to find in order to free herself. Would you give your kids to be looked after by someone mom accuse him to be a crimial of sexual assualt.
Does she still have a criminal case possibility?