We had evals done, and I would assume if there was an issue, the courts would have taken away my rights and his atty would have certainly demanded that, not do the opposite and try and get a reconciliation. His own atty stated in court that 'they hoped for a reconciliation'. Clearly there is no way to do that when the child is being told I am unhealthy for him. I did file violation papers, but these e-mails came after. I waiting to see if the court orders or not. Knowing that I may have lost my son until he is older, are there any repercussions I can ask the court for? There is a visitation order, but I was asked to give our son time to come around. Which I did, though periodically trying to maintain relevance and a connection with e-mails and gifts. My son rarely responds to my e-mails and when he does, they are very hostile. I haven't seen him in about two years now. No, I am not incarcerated in any way. I have a great job, engaged and stepmom to two teens.