Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Can I file a prepared Fidelity QDRO from my ex's attorney to NY court by myself?

Q:  TheQDRO form @ Fidelity looks simple to me, I followed their online instruction , I think it is easy to finish forms by myself, but after this how do I file in court?

A:  David's Answer:  You then have identified the problem - you may be able to draft the initial form, but do you know how to draft a notice of settlement? Do you know the Court's requirements for submitting a QDRO? Does your ex's attorney already have a QDRO-hold on the account (meaning you'll need their consent/cooperation in any regard)? Going thru an attorney and/or court-appointed QDRO preparation service may ultimately save you time & aggravation.   -- David Bliven, Westchester Divorce lawyer (www.blivenlaw.net)

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