Monday, October 15, 2012

My daughter is 17 but is not going to college. She hasn't spoke to me in a year. Can I stop child support?

Q: Her mom raised her not to listen to me when I: Would discipline her. I have no control of her actions. Here mom has alienated my relationship. In court my daughter stated that she wants nothing to do with me. Her mom uses the money for her personal gain. My daughter runs around with the wrong people doing drugs sleeping over boys houses ect. Can stop payment and claim her to be imancipated at 18 ? 

David Bliven’s answer:    You need to file a petition to terminate support based on emancipation - you cannot do so on your own. Your argument in court would be that your daughter is constructively emancipated as she is unjustifiably refusing a relationship with you. A word of caution, however - this is a difficult argument to make & you'll probably be unsuccessful without the services of an experienced attorney.

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