Monday, October 15, 2012

I want to re-enforce a verbal agreement.What can I do to keep it the way it has always been for the past 7yrs.?

Q: 7yrs. ago in front of a judge a verbal agreement between myself and my son's legal guaurdian was made where I would have visits every other Saturday.Now without reason or warning my son's legal guardian cut it down to 1 visit every 2 months.This just can't be.There has never been anything wrong in the past for his legal guardian to make such a drastic and bad change.I want my visits to stay as it always has been. 

David Bliven’s answer: When you say "verbal agreement in front of a Judge," was the verbal agreement incorporated into an order? This does make a difference in how you proceed, as if it was incorporated into an order you would file a "violation petition." If not, then you would file a "petition for visitation." Moreover, when you say "legal guardian," who is it that the child is residing with (& why)?

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