Thursday, October 3, 2013

How to deal with a 17 year old teen that is abusing their parent and may be suffering from mental illness.

Q:  A very good female friend of mine is being tormented, terrorized, intimidated and verbally abused by her 17 year old son on a daily basis. The boy's father was physically abusive toward the boy's mother while they we married, but they have been divorced for 6 years. The 17 year old boy also has several mental health issues, including tourette's syndrome and OCD and is extremely antisocial. Is there any legal remedy aside from getting law enforcement involved? He refuses to see a doctor, let alone get any type of therapy. I am afraid that if anything is to be done, it would have to be somewhat soon as he will be 18 in December and I feel his mother will have absolutely no ability to address this situation either legally of medically.

A:  David's Answer:  If the child is turning 18 in December, then while theoretically she could file a PINS petition, there would likely be little the court would do between now & 3 months from now.  --  David Bliven, Westchester Family Law attorney (

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