Saturday, November 3, 2012

My husband has given me 7 days to leave house.Do I have to leave?

Q: i am reliant in his income.We have 2 teenagers.Deed in both: I have an attorney and he does not. Collabrative divorce is what I'm aiming for. Stressful and toxic environment but he makes the money and works from home I won't leave because it's my house too. I come and go as I please and consider it a dwelling not a home. He has been threatening me daily now to leave

David Bliven’s answer: If as you say the environment is stressful & toxic, this is NOT a situation condusive to collaborative law, which assumes a relatively amicable situation. If he's threatening to "kick you out," you would have recourse, which would be to contest the case & file an emergency application to be restored to the marital residence. In such a situation, however, many collaborative law attorneys will be unwilling to represent you at that point, which means you would need a "regular" divorce attorney.

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