Wednesday, November 21, 2012

How can my sister gain custody of her son after the father whom had custody died?

Q: My sister son's father won custody of their son, the problem is that he got killed a few days ago. While he was alive he made it impossible for my sister to see her son, he lived in NJ & she lives in NY. The court of NY granted her visitation rights, but he failed to show up at meeting locations. Now he is dead and his family has her son..what should she do to get her son with her. In addition she doesn't have the family's address, what should she do to obtain that information? Thank you. 

David’s answer: As a practical matter & with due respect to the tragic situation, perhaps as a first measure she should simply reach out, express her condolences & then ask if her son can be returned. If that doesn't work (or they turn hostile), then she should absolutely file a custody petition. She may do informal computer searches to obtain the addres, or alternatively hire a private investigator.  --  David Bliven

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