Wednesday, November 14, 2012

After 9yrs, now my sons father is fighting me for custody.

Q: My sons father hasn't paid child support in 9yrs. I have full & sole custody of my son which is 12yrs old.. I've provided for my son alone. Yet, I do let my son see his father (no overnights)! For the day and they do keep in contact.. Recently my ex got caught in Florida and New York for NOT paying child support.. He called me threatening me to say that I do receive money from him (which I don't & haven't )! When I said to him that I wasn't going to lie, things got ugly, I now received a court order to appear in court Nov. 26,2012 with my son or a warrant would be issued for my arrest. He's fighting me with false allegations that he hasn't seen my son since 2005 and doesn't know our whereabouts.. My ex also gave a wrong address to where I reside.... Why would he lie? We are NOT the best of friends, we try to get along only for our son.. My ex doesn't call my son for his birthday, Christmas or holidays.. I have to call him and remind him to call our son.. All of these false allegations just because he doesn't want to pay child support. And now the court ordered my son to appear in court with me.. Please help.. I can't lose my son over lies!!!!!

A: David Bliven's Answer: The short answer is that sometimes people do lie to get what they want. If there is an order of child support, I highly suggest you file a counter-petition requesting enforcement. And if the order was entered several years ago, I would also suggest to file for an upward modification. As for the case he filed, is he asking for custody or merely for enforcement of visitation rights? Is there a prior court order of custody/visitation? What are your reasons for limiting contact to day visits only? 

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