Sunday, August 4, 2013

Cps is investigating a false claim of child abuse

Q:  My son has been disanosed with an std and has had surgery in the past month for that issue, so he was in very bad pain and went to the er so they can give him a higher dose of pain medicine, but with that visit someone has reported that with his father having an std that they wanna believe that it was molestation which studies shows that people can contact it from using the same towels and washcloths, but he had told the cps people no abuse happened yet there still gonna continue on and put this kid though an embarassing process, i think this is violated this childs rights

Additional information
Because they wanna find out what type of hpv strains he has so, even with having the virus itself is very embarrassing, so taking this teenager and examining him would just be an invasion of privacy and me and his mother is scared that these people arent here for his best interest, i think this is molesting my child from an state worker can you give me information about this and thank you very much. so everyone is saying to allow the investigation to continue but i haven't heard anyone say or ask if there was any kind of search warrant issue of any sort which there was not, so wheres all the constitutional or civil lawyers at when you need a good answer or better information, when parents rights at stake. Saying that people need to investigate chemung county's cps workers there the worst in new york period..

A:  David's Answer:   Here's the problem: you can object, but all CPS needs to do is go to court & get a court order of investigation (the equivalent of a warrant) - and they had those out like candy. You may then file a motion to challenge the issuance of the order, but before you do all this I'd highly advise that you have an in-office consultation with a Family Law attorney in your area well-experienced with CPS matters. You cannot receive any definitive opinion on a forum like this as it does not allow for a full exploration of the background.  --  David Bliven, Westchester Family Law attorney (

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