Wednesday, December 4, 2013

How do I get emancipated?

Q:  I am currently 15, i turn 16 in 7 months and my mom won't allow me to work or do anything all I do is go to school and come home I can't even stay after school if I do I get in trouble. My mom won't even let me empty out the garbage there has to be am adult with me. So how do I prepare myself for living on my own and what steps should I take to get emancipated. Also they have a history of abusing me in 2005

A:  David's Answer:  First, I disagree with the suggestion that you can just "file a petition," as there's no such petition to file. Second, I disagree with the suggestion that you just "run away," as then you would likely become a "person in need of supervision" & quite possibly wind up in a group home. Third, the military will most likely not accept you without parental consent. None of these are realistic options for your situation. The frustrating truth is that you may need to "grin & bear it" as child welfare will most likely not get involved unless there is current abuse or neglect going on (the past "abuse" won't apply as they need to determine that you are currently at risk of harm).  -- David Bliven, Westchester Family Law attorney (

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