Sunday, December 14, 2014

I am in Rockland County NY and I need free legal help/representation. I need to stop my ex husband from psychological abuse

Question: I am a divorced Mom with 4 children, my ex husband has custody of the kids with his new wife and baby. I'm constantly being harassed and excluded from the children's lives. I have visitation including every other weekend. I am consistently being harassed and degraded by them via email and I can't take it anymore. I do not have a lot of money and I need legal representation to stop the harassment. Then I need to go back to family court because they continuously are in breach of contract regarding the children. Is there anyway I can get help?

David's Answer: If you're looking for free representation, the Court can usually assign you a lawyer if you financially qualify. Most private lawyers work on a retainer basis, though there's the possibility of asking for counsel fees against the other party if you are the less-monied parent & you prevail in your application. -- David Bliven, Westchester Family attorney (

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