Monday, November 10, 2014

My x husband hasn't paid child support in over 10 yrs. makes no effort to be in her life can i terminate his rights?

Q: We divorced when she was 4. and he makes no effort to be in her life . he hasn't paid child support in 10 years. it seems he falls through the cracks and paperwork gets lost by the courts all of the time . i show up at every court date he doesn't. there was a bench warrant for him but it expired . he gets in no trouble for non payment. he doesn't care about her neither does his family. they have no relationship at all. could i terminate his rights and change her name(she requested the name change) . i have done it this long on my own without his support. so just ending it wold be fine. what do i need to do? do i go back to the state it originated in or can i do it from the state i live in now?

A: David's Answer: You can only terminate his parental rights in the context of a step-parent adoption proceeding. Public policy in NY forbids the bastardization of children. -- David Bliven, Westchester Family attorney (

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